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Less Than 48 Hours!

I’ve just finished the last day on the production of “Growing the Big One” and can honestly say I’ve never needed to have some alone time as I do now. Bitching aside, it was a learning experience that I’m happy is over.

Since I can pick up my last paycheque on Thursday I’m going to wait a day and grab that on my way out of town. It also gives me a little extra time that I didn’t have to get some loose ends cleared up before I leave. My brother who was in the market for a new apartment has taken over my place and keeping the goldfish fed while I’m gone. This has saved me loads of time and inconvenience with a little added security of knowing I do still have a home if some emergency were to arise bringing me back early.

So as I load my Ipod with new playlists, pack and wrap up some other things I bid you all a good night as this is my last post from my desktop computer in Vancouver for awhile. See you on the other side of the city limits.

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