Across Canada 2009-2010 The Road

Day 1 – Getting Going

So last night I was in Sardis BC spending some time with my grandparents as I won’t see them for awhile. My friend Heidi who lives in Mission came for a coffee and goodbye hug too. Then I was asked to lunch in Hope with them and my favorite Aunt, (my mom’s sister) so we all made our way to Hope. After all the goodbyes I started on my way, soon to get a text from my friend Nancy who was on her way back from Calgary for business. Since the weather was not being very photo friendly I figured sticking to highway 5 and getting to see Nance before I continued on was a wonderful option. Since she was still a considerable distance away from our agreed rendezvous point of Kamloops I ventured off the Coquihalla highway after sighting what I thought may be an older cemetery in the woods. It turned out the white things I saw in my peripheral vision earlier where nothing more than white cones used to protect sapling trees in their early stages of growth. Although, I did find a washed out bridge that I took a couple of rainy shots of just for fun. So tonight I’m in Kamloops and tomorrow I think I’m heading to Mabel Lake, a lake I visited as a child while on a family vacation, the weather is supposed to be a bit better so we’ll see.

One washed out bridge.
washed out bridge
bridge from the other side

…and not because I condone graffiti at all, but I did find this funny, written on a retaining wall below the highway.
back in

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