Across Canada 2009-2010 The Road

Day 2 – Kamloops to Mabel Lake and lots of Old Iron.

So just as I started heading out of Kamloops I saw out of the corner of my eye a yard with some old 50’s cars in it. I swung around and found Central Equipment, a heavy equipment repair shop that owned the yard. I talked to an awesome gentleman named Brian who graciously let me wander around his yard, even after he closed. I spent a couple hours there and got some great shots of the old cars.
[nggallery id=3] I continued on towards Mabel lake. I’m not sure why I wanted to go there, mainly just because I remember it being nice when we went on a family vacation as a kid. On the way I encountered even more cool old cars. Some were in a private yard just past Falkland BC, and the others were at the Route 97 Diner and Bakery. There are a couple of guys who rebuild old hot rods in a shop in behind the diner. Some old jalopies for sale out front. I got a quick peak of a nice 55 Chevy that they were rebuilding, very nice.
Old Blue
On to Mabel lake, I got there and got a few shots off just as the best light was disappearing. So after that I made my way up a Forestry Service road that was definitely a “back-road”. I veered off that to a campground called “Noisy Creek”. It was the furthest thing from noisy. If it wasn’t for the trickling of the creek there would have been no sound at all. It’s nice to know that there are still places within a day’s drive of the city that one can find silence. I had the whole campground to myself. I got the best spot right in front of the beach, made a fire and some soup, took a few long exposure shots then watched the moon cross the sky in the darkness and climbed into the truck and had an awesome quiet sleep. I woke up to a foggy overcast day so didn’t get any daylight shots of the lake from there.


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  • This place is a gem! i found it by fluke 3 years ago and now i go camping here for 1 week every July/Aug since i have found it, and i will keep going there forever!

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