Across Canada 2009-2010 The Road

Day 3 – Flat Tires and Emeralds.

I left “Noisy Creek” this morning and made my way down the mountain on the Forestry Service road heading towards Revelstoke. About an hour into my back-road trek I got a flat tire. No biggie, I have a full size spare. This minor setback only put a bit of a damper on anymore back country driving as I can’t get stranded with another flat and no spare. The weather was overcast and grey, I made my way to Revelstoke to see if there was any open tire shops, none. I’ll be in Calgary tomorrow to get it fixed then figure out where to next.

On my way I pulled over to check out a small “Rock Garden Trail” on the side of the Number 1 Highway. A short but pleasant little break and got some shots of the moss covered rocks despite the weather.

I made another stop at Emerald Lake just before Field BC. What an awesome lake. I have to come back here when the weather is nicer and the sky blue. I took a few shots anyway but do plan to return.

Emerald Lake

Emerald Lake

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  • Ahh man….I was only a few day away from crossing paths with you at the Rock Garden…I have passed that place a hundred times and never knew it was there !!! The new signage caught my eye so I stopped in for a break…and there I found your card!!!

    Good luck on your adventure…I enjoyed your photo’s of the Falkland cars…good work…drive safe man….

    Angus Fahrquharson

    • That’s awesome Angus! I stopped there for the same reason, never knew it existed until I saw those new signs. Thanks for stopping by and saying hello. All the best.

  • WOW!! I have to remember this lake when I do my trips through the interior. Even with gray sky it’s still astounding!!

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