Across Canada 2009-2010 The Road

Day 4 – Memories in Calgary

For some reason after my last post from Canmore I wasn’t tired. I pulled over in Dead Man’s Flats and listened to the remainder of the Canucks game in the truck, oddly enough I did still get 1040 AM out here. After that I decided to drive into Calgary. Upon arriving I found myself driving around, looking at old apartments, old haunts and taking in how much things have changed since I lived here over nine years ago. At 1 am I found myself sitting in the dingy Blackfoot Diner, the last place I saw my dad alive. I had coffee and pie and stared out the window at the trucks. I then got myself back together and looked for a few tire shops in which would be my first stop in the morning.

After a little sleep I hit Fountain Tire, the Kal Tire, then another Kal Tire. They all had waits, some as long as until tomorrow as it’s snow tire season in Calgary. Not that it matters as I was soon reminded that nobody knows how to drive anyway. They’ll drive 80 kph through a 60 limit construction zone but then drive 70 in the 80 zone. Finally I found a TireCraft shop that also sold the same brand of tires on my truck in case I did in fact need a new one. They had me repaired and out the door in just over and hour. I stopped at Guitar works on the way out of town to see if Reed was working, Ted one of the old Zuckerbaby bass players was there and informed me that Reed was up at the 16th Avenue store and the ZB singer Andy was working at Market Mall. I took a ill advised detour around the city and both boys were off work this Monday.

So being fed up with traffic and slightly pissed that I hadn’t taken a single shot yet I left Calgary and got on my way. Got a few prairie shots before I lost the grayish blue light of the cloudy skies. I checked out a small town called “Wayne” (population 27) on my way into Drumheller and will be taking some shots of both when I wake up tomorrow.

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