Across Canada 2009-2010 The Road

Day 5 – Leaving Drumheller to Hanna

After a rainy night in Drumheller (Walmarts have good parking lots). I woke up early and headed out to the Dinosaur Trail. It was gray and gloomy out, no real morning light but I took a few shots anyway. The ferry that connects to the other half of the trail was closed for the season so I went back into Drumheller, grabbed a coffee from Iamara Internet Cafe, (Thanks ladies!), said “Hello” to the big Dinosaur and headed out of town. As I drove I started seeing shots of old farm houses and proceeded to start my collection.
Dinosaur and Me
I veered off whatever course I was on to check out the St. Peters Lutheran church. Not much of a religious person but I can appreciate the old structures. It was quite the deal considering the congregation moved it to a new location back in the 20s.

I made my way through Hanna Alberta and then into Saskatchewan. I ended up in Sceptre for the night with a quick stop on the way in Perlate when the clouds broke for a few minutes giving me some moonlight to shoot some night shots by.
Perlate Elevator

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