Across Canada 2009-2010 The Road

Day 6 – Great Sand Hills, Coyotes and Mud

So I woke up in Sceptre which is close to the Great Sand Hills in Southern Saskatchewan. The morning sky was again cloudy and gloomy but I did get a few short breaks throughout the day. On my way into the Sand Hills I was being raced by a coyote until he jutted off into the weeds. I got a couple shots of him before he disappeared. The hills were as I remembered them (was here for a music video once), from where I parked I had to hike in a little to the larger set of dunes but it was worth it. It was weird to to see and feel frost on sand dunes.

After leaving the hills I actually got lost amongst the rural farm roads. Not that I was too worried. I had lots of gas and just wandered, many old farmhouses and barns to be found. One totally abandoned farm even had an old Chevy parked in the garage. On my way out I came across the St. Johns School. It was a heritage site, one room schoolhouse that was in operation from the 20’s to the 60s. The thing I found pleasantly odd was that it was open, with all the desks and books and even a globe of the earth in the corner. You were welcomed to come in and look around and sign the guestbook but there was no one there. It was just “open”. It made me happy to know that “somewhere” there are places like this that don’t get trashed, enjoyed by public passersby and left intact. I signed the guestbook, left a couple of my cards in the pages and carried on my way.

A few more farm houses on the way, some road construction on the 32 and here I am in Swift Current Saskatchewan. Not sure where I’m heading tomorrow but all is well.

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