Across Canada 2009-2010 The Road

Day 9 – Missing Home, (for a bit)

Well, as I left Flin Flon and started South I soon realized that my prior night’s assessment of the available photo opportunities was very correct. I can see the appeal to some people of the Northern part of the prairies but after 3 hours of the same trees and a few lakes that all start to look the same with nothing in between I started to miss home. This Northern detour didn’t produce much in photos, partially due to the gray gloom of the sky. Some subject matter actually works with this sort of weather, (watch some of my upcoming photos) but I wasn’t feeling it when looking at the lake shores and birch trees of the Manitoba North.
A Cold Farmouse

As I watched the gas needle drop through a tank of gas I started to doubt myself and this trip. Partially due to the fact that the creative energy of the day had not been expended. I continued on as planned and pulled into Winnipeg just after dark. I stopped at the first Starbucks which for some reason doesn’t have WiFi access, (to which I found out after grabbing a coffee). I figured I could use the time to work on some of the photos I’ve taken. I eventually asked if there were any all night coffee joints in which I could work as I was back in my game after seeing some of the shots from previous days again. Apparently there isn’t much for all-nighters in the “Peg” but they told me that the Starbucks on the other side of the mall parking lot had wireless, which is where I am now. Outside as they’re now closed.

As I thought about my days so far on this trip I started to weave my own version of a common saying, “Everyday is a gift”. I believe this to the bottom of my heart, but with this amendment. Everyday is a gift, some days you get the shiny new bike, some days you get socks, but regardless, with every gift comes a photo of us opening it, cherish the shot and move on.

My two bits.

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