Across Canada 2009-2010 The Road

Day 12 – Set the Cruise Control and Enjoy the Movie.

As I left my little lakeside turn-out and headed South towards Fort Frances I soon found myself immensely enjoying the scenery. It wasn’t all “photo worthy” mainly because again I had cloudy overcast skies to work with. I did however pull over a few times when the sun broke through the sky and I could get some shots. I say some as by the end of the day I took about 300, but that’s with bracketing them too.

I pulled over to take a few shots of an old yellow tractor in a yard. I wasn’t going to “trespass” but then I did see a fellow in the yard and asked him if he’d mind I take a few shots of his tractor. He was congenial and friendly and it turns out he was the editor of 15 years for a local Fort Frances newspaper. Thanks to Mr. Bruce Bellamy for the chat.

It was interesting to see how the trees are different, the rocks are different and even the moss on the rocks is different than what I’m use to in BC. I saw 4 bald eagles, granted they were feasting on roadkill with a bunch of crows in three different locations but I did see them. Too slow on the draw for any shots, another reason I have to save for a big lens as by the time I get my camera ready they’re high above me. Even the little fox I saw today was quick to scoot down the road before I got ready. I didn’t venture off the road too much today as I was a little leery of wandering into the wilderness as it’s apparently Moose hunting season. Since I don’t have a bright orange vest I decided against any hikes as I’d prefer not to be shot by any of the many hunters. There were trucks with ATV trailers parked all along the roads as I traveled through. Even with that, it was a refreshing, casual day that ended with me in Thunder Bay for the night. Things are going well and I really have no complaints.

Well, getting kicked out of the Starbucks again, I’ll have to add photos some other time. Soon.

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