Across Canada 2009-2010 The Road

Day 15 – Quality over Quantity

Today was a slim day for shots, sort of. I had less stops but when I did pull over the subject matter and light was pretty damn good. I found an old Chevrolet Stylemaster from the 30’s that looked like it had belonged to Bonnie and Clyde, rusting peacefully in waist high weeds and straw. It even had bullet holes in the door.
Bonnie and Clyde
As well as some more farm houses and some Ontario lakeside shots as I looped up and around Elliot Lake. Which is quite a nice little city. It was larger than I expected and nicer than a lot of Ontario towns. So nice that the ladies at the Tim Hortons gave me a $10 dollar Tim card because the wraps I ordered took awhile. I wasn’t in a hurry but it was a nice gesture and very welcomed.

Then of course, as I passed through Sudbury I had to stop for the “tourist geek” shot of the day at the infamous huge nickle.

I soon had this tied to the roof of my truck for gas money. Hey, finders keepers!!

I soon had this tied to the roof of my truck for gas money. Hey, finders keepers!!

Tonight I’m in Parry Sound. I’m considering a relaxing day of Laundry, coffee and working on some photos if I can while I connect with people I know in Toronto. Hopefully to hang out there for a couple of days. We’ll see.

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