Across Canada 2009-2010 The Road

Day 16 – Relaxed in Parry Sound

Okay not really relaxed. I went through a few photos from the first couple of days of my trip. I added more to the car gallery and a few more to the others. After monopolizing a table in the tiny Parry Sound Starbucks for a few hours I passed on laundry and got out of town while it was still light. Venturing East I stumbled onto a nice little town called Rosseau. Because it was getting dark I pulled over for the night, dialed up a movie on the laptop and chilled. A rocking Saturday night for me.

While I had the truck running for a bit a little orange fox walked right through the beams of the running lights like I wasn’t even there. Pretty neat.

So no shots taken today but still a good day. Was inspiring to go through some of the ones I’ve taken and remind myself what I’ve actually captured.

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