Across Canada 2009-2010 The Road

Day 23 – Niagara Falls to Pickering

I spent half the day in Niagara Falls, got some decent daylight shots but I actually prefer the night ones I got last night. After which I rambled on, zig zagging through Thorold Ontario and St. Catherines.

After St. Catherines I spotted a rust old boat sitting on the shore of Lake Ontario. It looked kind of like a pirate ship but was a large hunk of rusty metal with some wood on it. I talked to a fellow waiting for his fishing buddy to show up and he said that it was towed from Toronto to become a floating theme restaurant. Apparently the proprietor run out of money and he or some local hooligans set the thing on fire. He went bankrupt and the shell of the boat sits there, rusting. I’ll post the shots soon.

On my way through Oakville and Mississauga I spotted a great view of the Toronto skyline as the sun set down. Got some great dusk city shots for the collection.

Now I’m in Pickering, again monopolizing a chair at Starbucks, working on some more photos. The amount I have on the hard drive is both overwhelming and exciting.

Also, thanks to my friend Nancy I will be stopping in Toronto on my way back through after Christmas to do an interview. It seems the weather channel is going to do a story on me and my trip. I spoke to Kelly there and we decided that it would be best to do it later as I have had way to good of weather so far. She needs to put a weather related spin on the story and I simply have only dealt with clouds, sun and a little bit of cold. No snow, minimal rain and great temperatures for the most part. So watch for a post when I find out more.

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