Across Canada 2009-2010 The Road

Day 24 – Another Great Day for a Canadian Winter

Winter? I haven’t seen any yet. I’ve seen cloudy days, some chilly but not cold days and today, well a bright sunny t-shirt day.

From Pickering to Perth through to Peterborough. I found a cool little antique shop in Blackwater Ontario. I talked with the gent that ran it and asked if I could take some shots of some of his stuff. I usually don’t stop in junk stores any more but this one looked interesting so in a homage to my late mother, I spent some time perusing the Bric & Brac. I was going to stay in Peterborough but decided to keep going, drove a little into the darkness and stopped in Carleton Place, Ontario.

Ode to my Mom

Ode to my Mom

Along the way I made a detour to see what is known as the Warsaw Caves. Racing against the setting sun and hiking down the rocky path what I found were two small holes in the ground. Now unless I missed the “real” caves somehow I believe these should be called the Warsaw Crevasses. Needless to say I didn’t get much for shots and missed the sunset. Like I said earlier, every day is a gift, but some days… we get socks.

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  • I miss your mom….throughout my “artistic” days in my life I often think of her. Just so you know. I still have a big giant Santa she built for my dad.
    Am loving your journal Wayne…you are one of a kind.
    Love, Pam

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