Across Canada 2009-2010 The Road

Day 26 – Welcome to the Language Barrier

Refreshed, clean and well rested I met my friend Manon at a cool burger place in Ottawa called The Works for lunch (Thanks Manon!). After a nice catch up session I got back on the road, heading East along the Ottawa River.

As the sun went down and the light disappeared I decided that I’m not in the mood for another major city tomorrow. Being as Montreal is only two hours form Ottawa I chose to get some of the potentially heavy traffic driving out of the way tonight. I’ve ended up in Trois Rivieres for the night, my glowing Walmart nightlight ready for when I climb into my cocoon for some rest. The temperature is predicted to drop down to -6 degrees Celsius tonight but I’m not worried. I’m well insulated.

In a used book on Canadian road trips I found at the Rotary Club book auction in Chilliwack BC ($4.00) on my way through I’ve found some interesting things in this area I will be searching out tomorrow. With the weather supposed to be co-operative it should be a good day for shots. We’ll see.

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