Across Canada 2009-2010 The Road

Day 27 – Reminiscing in Roberval

Yes, I’ve been here before. Back in my days with Zuckerbaby we played a three band bill at an outdoor stage here sandwiched between Glue Leg and Moist. I happened on it tonight as I was wandering around looking to see what was available for parking and/or internet cafes. I took a walk around, remembering that it was one of the best shows of that trip as the crowd was really appreciative and having a good time. Made me miss playing, just a little.

I started today with a goal in mind. I wanted to get to Val-Jalbert which is an old ghost town founded in 1901. I headed North along 155 for most of the day and got here with about two hours of sun light. I got some pretty good shots but may still go back tomorrow. The town is well kept and impressive. Lots of buildings but mostly houses that all look similar. I was actually starting to feel discouraged as a lot of the town has that manicured tourist destination look to it, until I found some houses that are actually caving in on themselves. Then I had some fun. the Mill is still here but they’ve added a seasonal restaurant to it that doesn’t sit well with me. Along with little things like haphazardly posting the laminated information pages to the buildings right beside the doors where as most places will put them on pedestal plaques or something. Anyway, just small nags on my part. Overall it was worth the trip up.

The language barrier has been fun. To my surprise even if people don’t know English they’re still friendly and semi-humored by my butchering of their language. I know a few of the standard words, enough to at least come across as genuine in attempting to make an effort. I’ll be alright.

Another day in the books, although I haven’t been able to getting any photo editing done the last couple of nights. I need to figure out a work station for the truck. Not sure what room I’ll put it in. 🙂

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