Across Canada 2009-2010 The Road

Day 29 – A Trying Day

…but its over.

After driving most of the day yesterday under completely clear skies to Mingan to view and photograph the tall wind sculpted rocks that I read about in my book I woke this morning at the gas station to a great sunrise, and waited. My gas light was on when I rolled in and there was only one gas station that I could see. So because I didn’t fill up in Sept-Isles when I had the chance I was paying the price, missing shots because I was afraid of running out of gas.

I figured I had a little gas to explore close by and soon came to know that the rock formations I drove all this way for are on the South side of the islands, only accessible by the tour boat that takes you there between June and mid October. So like many other things I’ve encountered, my choice of seasons has nixed another idea. Along with every provincial parks, all the tourist info booths and even some viewpoint pullouts are closed.

I sucked it up and started my journey back along the 400 miles I traveled yesterday but in the day light, or so I thought. I stopped at a couple cool beaches along the St. Lawrence and got a few shots but was feeling a little down due to my waste of the time and especially the gas that brought me here. This was soon to get worse as I crested a hill into completely white soupy fog. For most of the day I could see nothing but white as I traveled back down the 138, then it turned to rain as it got dark. I got into Baie Comeau and decided to cut my losses and take the ferry across to Gaspe bringing me to Matane Quebec.

My Morning Rush Hour

My Morning Rush Hour

Tomorrow I will decide if I want to risk the long drive around the point of the Gaspe Peninsula because I really want to see the Perce Rock. Depending on the weather, I may just cut through and head for New Brunswick.

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