Across Canada 2009-2010 The Road

Day 35 – Some Driving, Some Shots, Some…Laundry.

Yeah, even the exciting and carefree life on the road has to be put on hold once in awhile for the essentials. After a morning gathering some cool shots of “junk” I found while driving I finally found a laundromat while in Fredericton.

I have to say, although it seems like a quaint town with some funky stores I’m a little miffed at the lack of directional signs for those of us still operating without a GPS. I found it frustrating as hell trying to figure out which way was what. I came in on a secondary road and that simply left me screwed from the get-go. Oh well. Perhaps it was just me but I had the same trouble getting out which I was anxious to do after the day I had trying to find my way around.

I’m now in a cheap room in St. John. Three days and nights without a shower take it’s toll and since tomorrow is the weekend and rates will inevitably go up I figured a room tonight would be the best bet. Beside, under $50 isn’t too bad of a pill to swallow. Clean driver, clean clothes, life is good.

Tomorrow I’ll be exploring St.John in what looks to be a rainy day. Oh well, we do after all, live in Canada.

International Crush - An old truck found in the trees

International Crush – An old truck found in the trees

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