Across Canada 2009-2010 The Road

Day 36 – Saint John, Rain, Coffee and Editing.

After sleeping in (got every dime out of my cheap room), I made my way downtown St. John, New Brunswick for a walk and some exploring. It was just drizzling a bit when I started but that soon turned to rain, of course as soon as I decide it’s too wet and take my camera back to the truck it then stopped. I took a few more shots before it started up again, then I called the game.

I started to drive a bit and saw a coffee place that might have Wi-Fi. I was correct in my assumption and soon found myself sitting comfortably in Java Moose, editing my photos on my laptop. Since they are located downtown which apparently rolls up at 6pm they closed at five. So I was out again, in the rain.

I’ve found a spot to borrow wireless from and have uploaded a bunch of new photos from Day 7 of my trip. The yard of cars I found in Kyle Saskatchewan. I got through one card’s worth, and still have another to go through. Another day.

Anyway, I’m still in St. John, hanging around to see what the weather holds for tomorrow, may find myself back at Java Moose for a bit tomorrow. Who knows.

All is good, just slowing down a bit for some reason, kind of feels good to idle even slower.

Bedspring Kiss

Bedspring Kiss

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  • your card has been in my purse for weeks now i too work at java moose and even though i do not have the same talent as jen with the camera i love to travel. i hope some day you will find yourself back at java moose i would love to hear your stories

  • hey! I found your card at java moose today. I work there, and totally wish I had been there when you were that day. I do photography too, and have been wanting to do the same sort of thing as you for a year or so now. would have been cool to chat and see what you think about it all so far.
    ahh, next time you’re in SJ pop back to java moose. 🙂
    hope the rain disappears for ya.

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