Across Canada 2009-2010 The Road

Day 37 – Bay of Fundy, Rain, and a Covered Bridge.

I woke up to rain as expected. I got bored instantly and started driving along the route I need to take to get to the Hopewell Rocks. Off and on I was on the shore of the Bay of Fundy as I made my way East. I found some cool rainy day shots of a old wooden covered bridge circa 1927, a fishing boat docked to a rickety old wharf at low tide, the red ocean caves outside of St. Martin ending up in Sussex for the night.

Tomorrow I make the rest of the drive to the Hopewell rocks. I’m not sure what to expect as everything I’ve read about them states that they’re closed for the season. How does one close a shoreline beach? If anything I’ll find a way down and walk along the beach to them. I have a tide schedule and know that low tide is around 3pm so dammit I’m gonna be there. I also know that the weather is “supposed” to be better with sun and clouds. Keeping my fingers crossed on both counts.

It’s funny, as I drive through the little towns and hamlets I see everyone getting ready for Christmas. Right now for me it’s the last thing on my mind and I sometimes feel like an alien watching another planet from a distance. It’s a slight bit lonely but also a bit refreshing. The ability to flee any form of shopping mayhem or avoid certain areas while their open for business is in itself quite liberating. As people join the line into the mall parking lot I’m leaving to go find the next quiet beach where I watch the waves come crashing in with the tide. Life is good.

Of course, this will change a bit when I arrive at my sister’s place in a couple of weeks. By then I’ll need a break and will cherish the comfort and company of family. I’m looking forward to that.

So for tonight I’ve met up with my Walmart night light and will most likely dial up a movie on the laptop, have a snack and get some sleep. Until tomorrow.

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  • Found your card–and took a picture of it, in the Tynemouth Bridge as my BFF and i were heading east from St John to the Hopewell Rocks. Glad to find another wayward traveler.

  • Found one of your cards at the old Nelson Hollow Covered Bridge in Doaktown New Brunswick. I’ve enjoyed looking at all your pictures. Very nice.

    • Welcome Andy and thanks for stopping by!! I’m just getting ready for the second half of my adventure. Gonna leave Springhill by January 2nd and see what Newfoundland holds for me soon after that!

      Glad someone found one of those cards, so cool you said hello.
      Cheers and Happy New Year!

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