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Day 38 – Hopewell Rocks and Moonlight

Well, I got there and they were worth every mile. The Hopewell Rocks were even better that I expected. When I was researching them I saw similar photos and was under the impression that perhaps there were only a few “flower pots”. I was pleasantly mistaken.The rock formations span a good section of the beach.

I got there at low tide and proceeded to wander. My only complaint was that even though the rain held off I didn’t get much for great light. As the sun started going down on the other side of the hill that’s when the clear skies came. Although I didn’t get the best light I still think I got some great shots. Even got a few moonlight ones as the moon is at three quarters and rose up just after the sun went down. I would have stayed even longer but the tide was coming in, I’d exhausted both my camera batteries and my flash cards were full. I made my way back to the truck, with a slight moment of being lost. There was a couple that lived close by going for their daily walk. After a pleasant chat they directed me to the gate.

The whole place is a massive tourist attraction, all of it closed for the season. They don’t make it easy to get to the beach or the rocks, making you walk through their massive parking lot and then once you’ve hiked the path down to beach they’ve raised the final steps up but I found a ladder. There are warnings about the tides and the slippery rocks, like most of my trip so far, I wandered at my own risk. I was a little nervous about the tide but was informed by another local during the day that once it starts coming back in you have hours.

After an awesome day I drove the final 35 kilometers to Moncton where I spotted a YMCA. Thanks to them I had a good hot shower and am ready for another few days in the truck, motel room free.

Hopewell Rocks at Dusk

Hopewell Rocks at Dusk

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  • Hi Wayne,

    I am the interpretive services manager at the Hopewell Rocks and I am glad you paid us a visit. I am envious of you and your great adventure.
    It is not that we are trying to discourage people from coming to the Rocks in the off season by taking up the stairs. It is simply that they would never survive the tide driven ice that occurs in the winter months. For example as I write this on January 30th the tides from the full moon will be 14 metres/46ft. plus over the next couple of days.

    I am so happy that you mentioned in your blog that there is a whole beach full of rock formations to be seen (about 2Kms.worth. So many people never see the entire beach.

    You must have entered through the upper site, when you could have driven directly to the beach, stepped out of your truck and walked on to the beach. It is just as well you didn’t because you would have missed all of the lookouts that I hope you saw as a result of entering from the top.

    Continued safe and exciting journey______________Paul Gaudet

    • Hey Paul,
      It’s all good, I know that there are reasons for the stairs being up. I realized better when I was back just a couple weeks ago when the tide was up quite a bit. I will definitely be back and thank you for the heads up on the alternate route. I’m not complaining, even this second time the the walk in the deep snow was nice.

      All the best and thanks for dropping by!

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