Across Canada 2009-2010 The Road

Day 40 – Slow Day, Snow Day

Meandering back and forth across the “lots” that make up the rural areas of P.E.I the sky was threatening most of the day. The radio said it was coming. I didn’t find a whole lot for shots. Plus with my recent photographic disappointment looming in the recesses of my psyche I was a little less than enthused about the gray clouds overhead.

After a disappointing visit to “historic” Orwell Village I eventually found myself at Point Prim and the lighthouse. The wind was cutting through everything and there was traces of small hail being blown through. As I took a few shots of the tall beacon and then some of the sea the sun tried desperately to peak through the scattered clouds. This was just enough to make the shots and the day worthwhile. As I collapsed the legs on my tripod and started back to the truck it came. Full on, sideways incoming, big flakes of wind fed snow.

For the first real snow to hit me on December 1st while on a cross Canada road trip is pretty impressive. I really can’t complain and so I won’t. Live is good. I’m in Mantaque, P.E.I borrowing a low signal stream of wireless parked in a quiet church parking lot while the last sprinklings of the days snow subside. Tomorrow is supposed to be sunny and clear here, Thursday rainy but with the balmy temperature of plus 13. …and so I continue.

Implosion of the Heart

Implosion of the Heart

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