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Day 41 – One of Those Days. Sour in Souris.

Okay actually I’m not so sour now. Today was one of those days that we all have where things go wrong and then the little things just keep gnawing at your last nerve.

One of my lenses is down. My 10.5 mm (fisheye) got banged back at the Rock Garden in BC. It seemed fine but lately it’s stopped auto-focusing on infinity and now when manually focused to infinity it’s out of focus on the shots. I’m not happy about it but it did take a pretty good shock so it’s no one’s fault but mine.

The weather today was pretty good, lots of cloud but I did have moments of sunlight breaking through. Hopefully helping create some dramatic shots. The wind by the ocean was incredible. I’m not sure how fast it was but it was blowing hard enough to make me question how close one should get to some of the cliffs. It was damn cold too, cutting into my fingers in record time when I didn’t wear my gloves.

I got shots today at the Wood Islands Lighthouse, the Cape Bear Lighthouse, The Panmure Island Lighthouse and a few sunset shots here at the Souris Lighthouse. Along with those I found a few abandoned houses and boats to shoot, although my workable light was touch and go.

The final feather in my sour cap today was here in Souris. This town is pretty small and by what I could see I figured it may be a good idea to have cash on me if I wanted to stop and get a sandwich. I went to the CIBC bank machine and the damn thing wouldn’t return my card. So since I “didn’t take” my card that it wouldn’t spit out in the allotted time it then swallowed it and I have to hang around until the bank opens tomorrow. On the good side, I stopped by the only motel to see what the rates were. Well, with another night in the truck looming the manager Doug gave me a deal on a room that falls within my budget. The friendly fellow has been the redeeming quality of this day and of this little town.

So I had a hot shower, am able to work on some photos and watch the hockey game in which we’re still (barely) winning after 3 Canuck goals in the first period. I’m sure tomorrow will be better now.

Panmur Lighthouse P.E.I

Panmur Lighthouse P.E.I

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