Across Canada 2009-2010 The Road

Day 42 – Unexpected Errands and a Lot of Rain

Arriving at the CIBC bank in Souris twenty minutes after they opened to see if I could get my bank card back proved to be fruitless. It seems staying overnight was just a waste of time as the cards that an ATM machine eats get destroyed the next morning and even if I had been there waiting at the door they wouldn’t have given it to me as they can’t verify that it belongs to me. I guess they get many angry guys with multitudes of valid ID standing around the doors waiting to get their RBC bank card from their machine on a regular basis. Had I really needed the cash that I was trying to get from the ATM the night before or my card back this morning to get gas I would have been totally fucked. Luckily I had enough gas in the tank to get to Charlottetown where I was able to get a new (temporary) card from the Royal Bank there.

Oh well. One small glitch in a pretty smooth trip so far. As far as “problems” go I can’t complain. It was only a waste of time, which really didn’t matter anyway as it was pouring rain all day. Pouring!

So after the bank fiasco I just drove. I stopped in Summerside and used the internet briefly to kill some time, chatted with my young niece who I’ll see when I arrive at my sister’s place and was informed that I have a ticket for her school Christmas concert on Monday. So I told her I wouldn’t miss it and will be in Springhill N.S. sometime over the coming weekend.

After Summerside I drove up to the West Cape and found myself at the West Point Lighthouse just after dark. Knowing the moon is full and that the skies are to possibly clear I parked here for the night, hoping for a clearing where I might take some moonlight shots of the lighthouse and the beach.

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