Across Canada 2009-2010 The Road

Day 43 – As West as I’ll be for Awhile.

Waking up in West Point after a night of watching movies on the laptop and keeping an eye for an appearance by the moon (I got a glimpse but then he was gone), I took a walk along the beach of West Point and took a few shots of the lighthouse against yet another cloudy sky.

After about twenty minutes the sky did start to break up a little and soon I found myself in a different location, shooting a rotting boat in a field with almost completely clear skies. This however, didn’t last long. As I drove and explored I found more cool things. Some old lobster traps retired to a field, another old fishing boat called the Marilyn Ann that was literally rotting back into the earth. I checked out the North Point lighthouse and beach and then proceeded back Southeast as it got dark.

Returning to the Earth Marilyn Ann

Returning to the Earth Marilyn Ann

I’m back in Summerside tonight. Using the free internet “hotspot” in a depressingly semi vacant strip mall while a female jazzerfit class works it up across the food court from me with the hip-hop/dance music blaring, a great addition to the high pitched Christmas music that is germinating from the mall speakers. This has to be someone’s hell. Aside from the elderly gentleman that seems to be waiting for his wife I am the only one here in this food court, maybe it’s mine.

I figure I’ll hang around here in Summerside tonight. I noticed a Walmart nightlight on my way in so once I get kicked out of here or go insane (whichever comes first), I’ll head over there.

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