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Day 45 – Snow in Springhill.

If this trip had anything resembling a “destination” this is it. My holiday stop with the only family I have out here. Roughly my mid point before I turn around but with any luck, I’ve still got some East left to see.

One thing about this trip so far, my timing has been great. I arrived in Springhill yesterday. Hung out with my sister Sunni and her kids and during the evening it started to snow. Well it’s still snowing. With about a foot of snow outside I’m quite content today to stay inside, catch up with some coffee, relax and work on some photo editing.

I will be here in Springhill for awhile during the holidays. Weather and roads permitting I will making some short trips in different directions for a few days here and there but for the most part my trip has slowed down for a few weeks. To resume in January when it really gets interesting weather wise out here.

So for now, check back for many new photo galleries and photo updates and I’ll be updating regularly from the small little town of Springhill.

Happy Holidays,

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