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Day 46, 47, 48 – Enjoying Some Down Time.

I’ve been here in Springhill Nova Scotia at my sister’s place. It’s been a nice change from the truck, perfect timing for a rejuvenation and some “people” time as I’m sure I was beginning to talk to myself.

Today I made a quick trip into Amherst to get Sunni and the kid’s computer looked at as they’ve been down for awhile. Was able to get them up and running again.

Tonight the four of us put up the Christmas tree. Tomorrow I’m going to do some more editing and with any luck upload a bunch of shots.

Faded Knight

Faded Knight

Things are great. Life is good. A nice break with family before I take on the “wintery” part of my journey as I’m now convinced that January and February will contain a lot more snow. I look forward to it. This is after all, Canada.

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  • My step-mum is from Amherst! Take some pictures for me, will ya?
    I love how some of your newest pics look comic-like. Very brooding. Love it.

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