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Days 53 to 60 – Being in the Moments

Honestly before I got here I was planning on spending more time coming and going and still exploring nearby areas. So far though, it’s been about being around my sister and the kids and the routine has been a nice break.

I got away on Thursday the 17th for the day, spending a very cold day in the Joggins Nova Scotia area and along the fossil cliffs of Joggins. The wind was blowing and the beach along the ocean was covered in a thin coating of ice. I got some shots of the beach, the icicles hanging from the cliffs and some of an abandoned house with a bathtub on the front lawn.

As it looks now it seems that I’ll be able to make the ferry trip to Newfoundland after I leave Nova Scotia. I have plans to visit the Easternmost point in North America which is Cape Spear. Once I’ve experienced that, I can happily make my way back to BC, although I’m thinking that in order to completely claim this trip as a cross Canada I will have to find the Westernmost point as well, we’ll see.

That’s about it for now. Just wanted to update everyone and let you all know that this blog is far from dead, just a quiet holiday hiatus over Christmas. Soon I will be back on the road and I have a feeling I will have even more to say before I get home.

All the best to everyone over the holidays and may your time be spent with friends and family.

Implements of Yesterday

Implements of Yesterday

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