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Days 60 to 72 – Last Stationary Post from Christmas Break

So I haven’t done much on the way of interesting travels in the last few weeks as I’ve been here in Springhill visiting my sister and her kids, Styles and Emma whom I haven’t seen or spent much time with in the last few years so it was a nice time of catching up.

Christmas was nice, fairly mellow as money was tight all around but it is the time together that matters most. I got a cool and very timely gift from my sister. Once I was settled in she came downstairs with a small case and asked “would you use this?”. Inside was a used simple lower level GPS. Hell yes, it’s perfect!! So now I have a little help finding things and people as I continue on my trip and work my way home. So if you have a cool property or know of a place that I’d be interested in shooting, please simply send me a note with the address and I’ll perhaps stop by. You could possibly see my shots of it up on here next.

I’ve been doing some photo editing here and have been slowly adding shots and galleries to my photo section and tidying up the names and titles etc. If you have some time, take a look at some of the photos so far.

So I figure I’ll stay here in Springhill to celebrate New Years. Although, there is part of me that wants to be on the Easternmost point of Newfoundland so I can be one of the very first Canadians to ring in 2010. I believe it will be a much better year for me and for many of my friends whom have had a lackluster 2009. So as much as I’d like to be done with 2009 as quickly as possible I believe I’ll stay and have some fun with family, then most likely be on the road again for January 2nd.

So as I finish out my stay here with my sis, I wish everyone taking the time to read this a very Happy New Year and may 2010 bring you much awesomeness, happiness and love.

All the Best, See you next year 😉

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