Across Canada 2009-2010 The Road

Day 74 – Still Snowing but lots of Shots

I slept incredibly well last night in Tatamagouche. The wind was rocking the truck, gusting and howling but I still had an awesome sleep in my parking lot of the closed Foodland. The weather was pretty much the same this morning, snowing again but less wind. Got a great start at 8am and right from the start was coming across cool subject matter for some shots. Some would have been better with some nicer weather but overall I got some keepers. I found an old TV still intact in an abandoned farmhouse and got some creepy but intriguing shots of it. My favorite find of the day.

I stopped at a small lighthouse in Arisaig. Took many shots of the huge waves slamming the rocks in the wind. I’m surprised at how well the truck handles the snow, very impressed.

Anyway. I’m here in Antigonish (apparently they don’t like gonishes here), haha. I’m going to pull up a nice spot in the Walmart lot and hopefully have another good sleep. Should be well into Cape Breton by this time tomorrow.

Cheers all and Happy New Year!!

Drove it til the Wheels came off

Drove it til the Wheels came off

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