Across Canada 2009-2010 The Road

Day 75 – Into Cape Breton

It wasn’t long after leaving Antigonish that I saw the “Welcome to Cape Breton” sign at the Canso Causeway. A little detour into Port Hawkesbury for Tim’s then on my way around the North side of the Cape. As I drove through the morning the cloudy sky started to break up and I was getting some nice pieces of sunlight. One of those came while I was shooting an old blue Chevy work/farm truck resting in a field. I continued on into Port Hood, then Mabou where I found the Mabou lighthouse. Took a few shots of it and a boat named “Sea Angel”.

As I was getting ready to leave a fellow came down and started chatting with me. In conversation he let it known that everyone is surprised that the weather, rainy and mild, was so good. I was told that usually by this time of year I wouldn’t have been able to get down the road to the marina as the snow would have been so high and the marina is usually frozen solid. He said that by now he drives his kids to school on the ice. Apparently, as mediocre as it is for photos, for traveling I’m still being blessed with great weather.

I stopped at a little cafe in Inverness for dinner called the Coal Miner Cafe. Not bad but consider this is Cape Breton Island I figured the fish and chips would have been a bit better. The waitress was awesomely friendly and it was a nice break from the road.

I pulled over into a little turn around that was surrounded by trees, across the highway from the crashing waves of the ocean. In the rain and the dark, I watched a movie on the laptop and went to sleep.

Muddy Waters

Muddy Waters

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