Across Canada 2009-2010 The Road

Day 78 – A Long Boat Ride to the Rock

I woke up early enough. But as I pulled up to the 11:30 ferry at 11am this morning I was told that I should be here an hour and a half early and I might not make it on. I mentioned that I DID check they’re website and there are no mentions of this rule. I had a reservation, got my ticket from the ticket office and they rushed my “late” ass onto the boat. I pulled in and parked among the few semi trucks and about 12 vehicles, not even a third of the car deck was full. Oh well, I made it and despite the silliness I was on my way to Newfoundland.

The boat, The Caribou, was a little on the older side. Nothing wrong with it except there was a few things I noticed. The ATM was out of service, the public internet signal was there but not strong enough to actually connect to. Although my laptop was seeing the password protected “engine room” internet signal the whole way. One of the men’s rooms was “closed for cleaning” the whole trip. A few other things that I guess are open during summer were closed and rightly so. There was only about 30 people total on this boat and it was massive. All in all it was clean and comfy and I had a great first time ferry experience to Newfoundland.

About five and half hours after leaving North Sydney we pulled into Port-aux Basques, Newfoundland. I found a “mall” and wandered a bit as it was dark and I was killing time while I figured out what I wanted to do tonight. I found a little restaurant called Alma’s in the mall and had a sandwich and soup that was exactly what I needed.

I’m now outside the local library using the wireless. Sitting in a nice big parking lot so I figure I may just hang out here for the night then get going at morning light. Not many shots today but it was a neat day, now to see what gems the shores of Newfoundland have for me.

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