Across Canada 2009-2010 The Road

Day 79 – Awesome First Day in Newfoundland

I started my Newfoundland segment of my trip at Port-aux Basque this morning with a Tim Hortons. Made my way up the number one but didn’t get very far before I was in Cape Ray for a good couple of hours snapping shots. What a cool little area for older, cottages and abandoned buildings and a few other things. I initially went there for the lighthouse but once I saw all the treasures to shoot I was there awhile. I have shots of a huge whale bone that was perched on a rock, along with a rusty anchor next to a rotting shell of an old boat.

After that I continued on through Tompkins, St Andrew, Searston, Codroy and to the lighthouse at Cape Anguille. Back onto the Trans Canada Highway, efficiently called the TCH here. A slight detour through Jeffery’s, Mckay’s and Cartyville and Heatheron but didn’t find a lot to shoot, partially due to the snowstorm I found myself in. I took the exit through St. Georges and into Stephenville for dinner just as darkness settled in.

I’ve noticed that the distances between populated areas are pretty hefty. Something I wasn’t ready for. I’ll be conserving gas and gas money as much as possible because there’s going to be a lot of road between shots over here.

Anyway, a good first day in Newfoundland. …and I’ve been leaving my cards around so hopefully some new visitors here soon too. 🙂

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