Across Canada 2009-2010 The Road

Day 82 – As East as One can Get in North America.

Today I stood on rocks of a cliff and beach a few yards away from the crashing waves of the Atlantic ocean at the historic Cape Spear in Newfoundland. As far East as a person can get without entering the water. Considering I was in Victoria just prior to the start of this trip I think I can officially say that I’ve “crossed Canada” from coast to coast. I got great weather despite the serious wind which made the minus 7 temperature even more bone chilling. I was on the cape for about 3 hours. I got shots of the old lighthouse, the newer lighthouse and the old battery bunkers. I got shots of the waves and just sat for awhile and watched the sea.

I am back in St. Johns which seems like a funky city. It’s much bigger than I thought it to be and has some cool areas of town. I’ve been finding that my view of cities and towns on the trip have been somewhat like that of a homeless person. I haven’t been staying in hotels or motels. Some days I’m sure I’m less than physically attractive and that’s saying that I had something to work with in the first place. Usually it’s coffee on the go in the morning before heading to wherever for shots and that happens until dark. Then something to eat, either out of the cooler or something cheap. After which I’ll try and find wireless somewhere and update this site and say hi to friends on Facebook. Then I’ll either watch a movie on the laptop or if I’m still with internet I may listen to the Canucks game online. Both while nestled in the truck.

At times this does get lonely but the days make it all worthwhile. I’m in my element when that shutter is snapping and I’ve got the wind pushing at my back as I try to keep the tripod from blowing over. I was thinking today how cool it would be to find a corporate sponsor or some sort of funding to just keep going, with more time to edit and upload of course. Anyway, dreaming again.

Unfortunately I’m going to have to cut my explorations of Newfoundland down and start making my way West again. I’d love to check out the more remote communities both North and South but I just don’t have the gas money. I’ll probably walk a little downtown St. John’s then figure out my next move, most likely with a Westward theme.

Atlantic Fence

Atlantic Fence

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