Across Canada 2009-2010 The Road

Day 87 – A Grand Day Along the Coast

After leaving Port Hawkesbury I made my way through Antigonish and down the number 7 towards the ocean. The sun was out and I was excited to get some shots. The shoreline didn’t let me down especially in the fishing village of Marie Joseph and then again in Mitchell Bay. Some of the shots I got were very unexpected, like an old faded living room chair in a yard full of weeds.

I was going to call it a night in Sheet Harbor based on it was getting late and I thought the sun was about to set. Then I realized I was still on Newfoundland time and had more than half an hour to go. I found and shot another old boat then proceeded to chase down the sunset, looking for subject matter that would work well with the golden light. Today though, it wasn’t meant to be as I just didn’t find one. Since I was getting close already I ventured into Halifax for the night. After driving around a bit I found a Walmart. It was getting late so I figured it was time to sleep. As I was getting ready to climb in the back a guy in a parka, holding a cell phone comes up to my window. I rolled down to see what he needed and he asked me if I knew the number for a taxi. I politely told him I wasn’t from Halifax and that I didn’t know the numbers. He then stood, in the cold wind two parking stalls away from me, staring at me. After about 15 mins of this discomfort I drove away and found a different spot to sleep. Talk about creepy.

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