Across Canada 2009-2010 The Road

Day 88 – Halifax and Peggy’s Cove

So I drove around Halifax a bit but didn’t stay long. It’s not that I have anything against cities and in different circumstances I’d love to hang out and learn more about the vibe of each metropolis but this trip it just doesn’t fit. See, I left Vancouver because the city was stressing me out. I was tired of traffic, the busy pace and simply wanted a break.

On this adventure, because I’m living on the cheap and low I don’t have extra money for museums, attractions, halls of fame, nice restaurants, hotels, pubs, clubs or nightclubs etc. To add to that I’m usually in my boots, unshowered and feeling a little less than “fresh”. So I usually end up just strolling through the cities. Cities that this time of year aren’t exactly photo friendly anyway, even on sun filled days like today. Dirty snow lined streets, leaveless trees, brown grass etc just don’t do it for me. Cities are best shot in the warmer months.

After leaving Halifax I went into Peggy’s Cove. The light was awesome and I shot the rocks, the lighthouse and some of the village buildings and fisherman’s shanties for close to two hours. I carried on into Indian Harbor and along St. Margaret’s Bay Road.

After consulting a map I made the decision to not head all the way to Yarmouth. I wanted to go there and then to Digby but based on budget and the lay of the land I would have had to travel back to Halifax to continue on, a round trip of about 600 kilometers. That will have to wait until next time.

So as the sun started to set I made my way back to Peggy’s cover for some late sunset shots and some dusk-night shots of the lighthouse. Being as tomorrow is forecast as cloudy and snowing I figured I’d make the move North back to my sister’s place. I’m going to spend a couple more days here in Springhill, say my farewells and be on my way.

Today must have been a very good day for shots as my brain is tired and my eyes are fried. I’ll sleep well tonight in the guest bed.

Tiny Red

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