Across Canada 2009-2010 The Road

Day 92 – Westward Bound

I left Springhill this morning after saying my goodbyes to my sister, and her kids and Leon (and becky), my sister’s boyfriend and daughter who just arrived the morning before after a long road-trip of their own from Falher Alberta to be with my sis.

I made my way up out of Nova Scotia through Moncton and into New Brunswick. Followed the 106 around and down to Dorchester, Hillsborough and made a stop at the Hopewell Rocks again. After hiking through the deep snow to the stairs to the beach and the flowerpot rocks I was greeted with high tide so there was no exploring the rocks from the beach today. The water of the Bay of Fundy was really red and muddy so I snapped a couple of shots and decided that the Hopewell Rocks will have to wait until I return again, hopefully during great summer weather.

I continued on through the Fundy National Park and Alma, where I got a few more shots at dusk. From there I hit the Number one highway to Fredericton for the night.

I’ve been in much better moods since reading what I have of this Stuart Wilde book. My outlook is positive and I “feel” like I can conquer any obstacles I might encounter and move into a whole new life during this coming year.

Anyway, I’m a little tired, was up late chatting and trudging through the knee deep snow takes it out of me. Mental note to get snowshoes for my next winter excursion.

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