Across Canada 2009-2010 The Road

Day 94 – Quebec City, Montreal and Out.

I like Quebec City, I like Montreal. Both great cities and I wandered through each of them today. As far as photography goes they have a lot to offer. Today, I was simply uninspired. The weather was beautiful but I just wasn’t feeling what I need to hunt down the shots I would have liked to see. There was a fair amount of snow in both cities and a lot of mucky muck on the streets. Add to that “traffic” and I was just wanting to get to some open road and find something “quiet”.

For the record, next to Richmond BC, Quebec has the worst drivers in the country. I won’t even get into it as my blood pressure can’t handle reliving the day.

I’m now in Ontario, Cornwall to be exact. I came down from route 40 through the farm country as the sun was setting and got some nice shots along the rural roads. Not a whole lot of shots but some good ones.

Was hoping to see a Walmart here as I actually need to get some cheap supplies but haven’t seen one yet. Tonight I listen to the Canucks game and relax. I tried the library here to see if they were open and maybe get some editing done but it’s closed. Oh well.

Jacob's Ladder

Jacob\’s Ladder

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