Across Canada 2009-2010 The Road

Day 96 – Kingston to Port Hope

It rained hard all night and into the day in Kingston. The bright side is the rain has washed a lot of the muck and salt from the truck. because it looked so gloomy I was listless in getting moving this morning, taking my time, wandering. I didn’t see much for shots around Kingston in the rain, hit the 401 for a while then saw that the skies were opening up South of the freeway. I pulled off and got a few late afternoon shots along the number 2 highway.

It’s funny, some days I’ll have great weather and drive and drive and find nothing, then some will be grey and gloomy and there will be shots everywhere just no good light. Sometimes it’s a matter of an hour where my timing is simply late (or early). That’s the nature of this kind of photography I guess. I’m in the hands of mother nature, some days you’ll get the shots, some days you simply miss them.

Regardless, it was a good day, a nice drive once the rain subsided and now I’m in the Port Hope library doing a few edits and being connected with friends via Facebook. Sometimes one needs that.

Tomorrow I visit a friend in the Hamilton area and plans are in the works for a meeting with Kelly Noseworthy of the Weather Network for a little chat about my travels. That should happen this week and I’ll let you all know when that is set to air.

This is fun, everyone should try it.

For Sale - Needs New Roof

For Sale – Needs New Roof

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