Across Canada 2009-2010 The Road

Day 97 – Wandering Aimlessly

I woke to snow, blowing in sideways in Port Hope. I didn’t want to deal with snow today. I drove down and into Hamilton as I was originally going to meet a friend here. I had time to kill before she was around so I wandered looking for shots as the sun was desperately trying to bust through the scattered cloud covering the area. I beat the snow though, leaving it behind in Port Hope… for awhile.

I wander aimlessly, killing time and not finding much to shoot. I did however find a library where I spent a little time doing a few edits, then they kicked me out as it was closing time. By this time I had heard that my friend is sick and suggested a different day if my schedule allowed. Fine with me as the last thing I need is to be sick on this trip. So I wandered some more. Then I saw a “Fifth Wheel” truck stop and decided to see what they’re room rates are as I was in desperate need of a shower. The rooms were too much for my budget but I was pleasantly surprised to find that they had “showers”. For $8.40 I was given two clean towels, a clean facecloth and a key to my own private bathroom. Sink, Toilet, Shower and electrical outlet for your shaver, Heaven!

Trust me, we all take certain thing for granted until we don’t have them. A hot shower has never felt so good as it today. Plus, the way I look at it, I saved over $60 as I got what I needed without forking over for a room. I can get workspace and internet at the library of for the price of a Starbucks (here now) and I can sleep where I usually do, cozy in my truck.

So after my shower I wandered some more, then found this Starbucks where I’ve been editing some more photos. I could wait until I got home but I find that seeing shots I’ve taken inspires me to go get more. Tomorrow is another day and since the snow has now caught up with me here in Stoney Creek, Ontario I’m sure it will be an interesting one.

Forgotten IceCream

Forgotten IceCream

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