Across Canada 2009-2010 The Road

Days 98, 99 – Chilling In Toronto

Yesterday I spent some time in the North York library working on some editing of a few shots after making the drive from Hamilton. From there I met my friends Nancy and Tamara ( and their colleague Scott) who are in town for a work related conference. We had dinner and chilled for a bit. Nancy showed us her shots from her recent trip to Australia and now I want to go even more.

After that I arrived at Anthony and Katy’s place. They have moved since I was here in November and they opened up their new house to me. This is an awesome, quaint little house with so much character, it totally suits them.

I was originally waiting to hear back from a local TV station about a possible interview about my trip but it looks like they’ve passed. I was going to be on my way today but Anthony and Katie have convinced me to stay one more night and hang out. So me and Zoso (the cat) are going to do some more edits today and relax. Tomorrow I start the stretch across the rest of Ontario into the prairies.

For now, I’m simply in the moment, reflecting on the awesomeness of the people I know. I am a lucky guy. Thank you friends.


Golden – Val Jalbert, Quebec

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