Across Canada 2009-2010 The Road

Day 100 – Weather Network Interview, then a Crash!

No I didn’t crash my truck.

I drove to Oakville and met with David and Suzanne at the Weather Network this afternoon after leaving my friend’s place in downtown Toronto. They showed me around and despite David’s busy day were very gracious hosts. Suzanne made it very easy and comfortable to share with her on camera some details about my trip. It was a fun afternoon and from what I hear the full interview has aired a few times today as my friends back home have seen it. I’m hoping to perhaps get a link to the segment that I can post here. I’ll keep you posted.

I arrived in Barrie Ontario and saw a Starbucks. With hopes of doing some more editing and posting some more shots I set up my laptop and plugged in my external hard drive. All of a sudden it fell off the wide window ledge and hit the floor. It was only about a 12 inch drop but it was enough to trash the read/write heads in the drive. I did some reading online and based on the clicking sounds in the drive this seems to be the problem. I’m hoping that I can get the images recovered. Yes, I’m a little stressed but keeping faith. I also have to figure out where to store the new shots I’ll take on the way home and the recovered shots once I take the drive in.

One step at a time I guess.

So it was a fun and fruitful day with a bitter end but life goes on.

Thanks to Everyone at the Weather Network for their time and hospitality. Cheers

Stairway to...

Stairway to…

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