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Day 101 – Moving on From Bad News

I spent the most of the morning finding and going to some computer shops in Barrie. Gathering opinions on what my options are with my broken hard drive. The consensus seems to be that the files may be recoverable but that it’s like going to cost a good chunk of change. It seems the arm that holds the heads the read and write to the platter (disc) is damaged from the drop. The disc itself may or may not be damaged but either way it’s got to be taken apart to be determined. So I’ve decided to wait until I get back to Vancouver where I’ll find a data recovery specialist to see what they can do. Besides, by the sounds of it I’ll have to save up some money to cover the costs anyway.

My hardest job today was to find peace with the uncertainty of the status of my first 95 days worth or travel, work and photos. I am trying to remain positive that it will all work out while I continue on.

I drove through the sunny day today looking for new shots. But as some days have an abundance of shots but no good light, today was the opposite. I simply didn’t really see much that inspired me to stop at least until I rolled into Parry Sound. As I pulled in the sun was setting, I found a shoreline and saw some good shots. The brilliant day was not a complete loss.

Another thing I want to mention is that some of my financial stress that was starting to build up has taken a turn. Between friends and family I now have the assurance that I can make my way home and still have the freedom to wander a bit. My heart is full and my remaining days will be full of opportunities. I can feel this.

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