Across Canada 2009-2010 The Road

Day 102 – A New Beggining, A New Attitude

Today I woke to more snow, a gray windy day. I gathered my bearings and started on my way. The broken hard drive securely boxed up for the ride home, a new one ready to hold what the remaining trip holds. I left Parry Sound and drove for awhile, the gray started to break in between snow flurries along the way. I was on the 69 Highway until I needed a change of scenery. I started flipping a coin for directional advice. I’ve done this many times on this trip, leaving my day up the toss of a coin. All my options open except for backtracking.

As I started to explore the side roads around the shores of Georgian Bay photographic opportunities started to unveil themselves to me once again. I shot old Pilings sticking out of the ice in Byng Inlet, (where I also fell on my ass on the ice). I shot an old camperized school bus I found on a construction road, I shot an abandoned Truck Stop on the 69, I shot an old yellow work truck that I had seen on my way through in November. I tossed the coin a few more times during the day, found myself driving on a road that was only being used by snowmobiles this time of year which lead me to the ice covered Cutter lake. After that I found an old house as the sun started descending and then an awesome sunset from a bridge just outside of Massey Ontario.

Tonight I rest outside of Massey in Walford, my heart full and my mind at ease. Over 6 gigs of photos taken today. I am back.

Parry Sound Ice Cubes

Parry Sound Ice Cubes

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