Across Canada 2009-2010 The Road

Day 103 – Still Going Strong

I can’t believe I’ve been over 100 days out here. One hundred days away from the comforts of my little bachelor pad in downtown Vancouver. One hundred days away from most of my friends and family, my favorite coffee shop, my bed, my old life.

I say my old life because I believe this trip has changed me somewhat. Changed me for the better. The solitude, the time to reflect and think has allowed me to really realize what’s important. To realize that my friends and family are awesome and that I want to make sure they know that I feel lucky to have them all in my life. Time to reflect on what I want to do with the rest of my time here. I feel I need to continue on with my talents as they make me the most happy. I’ve decided I want to play drums again, I want to pursue every aspect of photography and become, for lack of a more eloquent way of putting it, “really fucking good”. I feel I want to be truly busy, working, creating, socializing. Creating loads of positive energy.

I’m happy I took this trip, I’m glad I had the time alone. I think I needed it.

Today was a fine day, beautiful out until mid afternoon when it started snowing pretty good. Not that snow isn’t beautiful, I quite like it. I love the sound it makes when you walk through it. As it got thick and white out I was pulling into Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario. I’m still here after some time at the library spent editing a few of the newer shots from this past few days. The others, still silently wait on the broken hard drive. I have convinced myself that they are just there for safe keeping until we all arrive home. Then I’ll get some help setting them free once again.

Anyway, I’m going to take my calm reflective mood and relax. Perhaps I’ll watch the 5th season of “It’s always sunny in Philadelphia” on my laptop. It’s a humorous way to end the day,…. BITCHES! 😉

Sunset in Massey

Sunset in Massey

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  • Not much of a writer huh?
    Ah….that was sarcasm! lol
    Your blog reads like a really good book…and an epic journey on a lot of levels. I don’t know anyone who has taken this long to travel across the country and back, on a shoestring budget and captured what you have so uniquely captured with camera and lens. I wish we were all so adventurous and courageous 🙂

    • Thank you so much Andrea. That really means a lot. I realized just last night and thinking about it today how much this trip really has opened my mind, cleared my head and brought forth what’s important to me. I recommend a few months alone on the road to anyone with questions about their own lives.

      Cheers Again.

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