Across Canada 2009-2010 The Road

Day 104 – Ground Already Covered

I was originally going to take the more Northern route from Parry Sound up and around to Thunder Bay but the coin toss put me back on the more Southern lake view drive. I covered this part of Ontario on my way out. With shots from Old Woman Bay, Katherine Cove and a few other stops. Although, on my way out I missed something because it had gotten dark and I wanted to get into Sault Ste. Marie for a bite.

What I found today on the same route was an abandoned gas station (that had a fire at some point). On the land around it were an old 50’s Packard car, a travel trailer that had been t-boned, the rusty shell of an old 20’s coupe and a blue and white delivery van/fish and chip truck that had front end damage. Three hours later I was done shooting and back on the road.

So I drove through the sunny day, through some snow flurries and onward. Once it had gotten dark I decided to keep driving as I had covered these miles before. I’m now in Thunder Bay, using the wireless from a closed Starbucks and thinking about some sleep. Good thing there’s a Walmart night light behind me.

House on 17

House on 17

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