Across Canada 2009-2010 The Road

Day 105 – Glorious Junk!

I started out from Thunder Bay Ontario heading West on 11 with full plans to stop and see the Kakabeka Falls. Well I did see the falls except they weren’t flowing. They were frozen solid. Of course I got a few shots and had a good look around before moving on. It was a gloriously beautiful day (although -16 Celsius) so I was taking my time.

Just down the road I encountered a large wrecking yard filled with semi trucks and commercial vehicles. There was two big signs on the gate “Beware of Dog” but I looked and didn’t seen any evidence of life in the pristine snow. I took a chance, hopped the fence and wandered the yard for close to 3 hours, filling all my 3 memory cards and depleting one camera battery completely. The challenge, every step was in snow up to my knees, sometimes higher. By the time I got back to the truck my legs were cold and my ass was wet.

As I did yesterday after the session with the old Packard (a lot of snow there too) I found a roadside spot to drop my trousers and change into dry ones. I can just imagine some hinterland animal watching from their hole in the snow, smirking and laughing at the sight of my white ass hopping on my shoes beside my truck, trying to change before any traffic comes. Life on the road is fun sometimes.

After that stop I stopped for a little dilapidated house then moved on. As I got closer to Dryden the snow came, then it got thick. By the time I arrived here it was a whiteout and I’m here for the night. Starting off at the library, transferring some shots and updating. Should be into Manitoba tomorrow.

Kakabeka Falls - Frozen in Time

Kakabeka Falls – Frozen in Time

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  • Your friend Leah pointed me in the direction of your project today and I must say I’m totally impressed, Wayne – you have a way of injecting mood and atmosphere into your photos that is uncommon, and inspiring. Great work, and a great (ongoing) story! Safe travels, and may the next turns in the road lead you to even brighter horizons! 🙂

    • Hey Renay
      Thanks for stopping by and saying hello. I’m glad that you like my shots and welcome all comments. I’m working my way home over February then it’ll get a little quiet here, but I’ll be adding shots as I get through them.


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