Across Canada 2009-2010 The Road

Day 107 – Driving on the Red River

I started out in Selkirk Manitoba this morning with a couple of recommendations on stops I may like for photos. First stop was Lower Fort Garry. A historic settlement are just North of Winnipeg. I was surprised that it was open and ladies at the front reception in the interpretive center were very friendly. I wandered around for a bit finding a few shots but the buildings were closed and the doors boarded up for the season so I moved on.

A little ways down the road I came into Lockport where the spillways for the Red River are located. From the bridge I could see many ice fishing huts on the frozen river. As I looked for a place to pull over to take a few shots I noticed that there was vehicles parked by the huts and driving the fishermen to and from. I also noticed I was sitting at the top of one of the entrances to the river.

After a little apprehension I decided I wanted to drive on the mini ice road myself and break my fear of frozen water. See, I’ve had many chances to go out on a frozen lake or river while on this trip. My problem is that I have a bit of a phobia about falling through so never went out more than about 20 steps onto the ice. Not that I get scared but just a little freaked out. Being from BC it seldom gets cold enough for any outdoor ice related activities so I guess I just haven’t been exposed to it enough to be comfortable.
Anyway, I drove the truck down and went for a drive on the ice. Stopped and had a brief chat with a fellow who was fishing and continued on. No big deal really but liberating for me all the same. Of course it wouldn’t be a complete experience without making an ass out of myself too. I drove down river to what I thought would be my exit but upon arrival it looked a little steep so I decided to go out the way I came in. As I drove back I took a little detour as to not disturb the guy I was chatting to minutes ago. Well my detour had way more loose deep snow on it and a few truck lengths in I got myself stuck. After switching to low four wheel drive, rocking back and forth a bit I soon backed out of my embarrassing detour. To make light of my “tourist move” I rolled down the window and yelled to my new friend “it was deeper than I thought”, to which he replied “Yeah, they don’t go EVERYWHERE”. We both chuckled and I drove off the river ice and on my way.

I’m here in Winnipeg at my friend Madeleine’s for the night after a hot shower and enjoying some great company. I get to sleep in a bed tonight then it’s back on the road tomorrow. Until then, goodnight all.

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