Across Canada 2009-2010 The Road

Day 110 – What It Is

Today was awesome. Cold again, a little bit of a late start but after I got rolling the day was gorgeous and the photo opportunities abundant. As a traveling photographer (my new job title), I couldn’t have asked for a better day. Only thing I wish I has was some snowshoes. I keep finding shots with a good deep snow hike attached to them. No complaints though.

I wandered up from Yorkton through farm roads most of the afternoon. At one point I had to turn around as the long road I was on turned out to be a private driveway. I found an abandoned house that was filled with ancient printing gear, a doutang folder with various fonts displayed in it and then I saw boxes upon boxes of invoices from the 80’s. It was apparently left overs from a local newspaper “The Canora Courier”. Went through a little town called Sturgis and caught an awesome sunset and got a few cool shots of it and an older tractor.

So I’m warming up in a little town named Kelvington where I’m borrowing wireless from the Highschool. Soon I’ll find a quiet place to park, dial up a few episodes of The Office on the laptop and call it a day.

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