Across Canada 2009-2010 The Road

Day 111 – Photographic Gold

I think last night was the hardest night in the truck. Just a little colder than I would have liked but you know what they say about things that don’t kill us. I got going, zigging and zaggin across the mid section of Saskatchewan. The more shots I’ve been getting of snow covered cars and trucks, abandoned homes and open fields the more picky I’m getting. Mainly because I’m getting to know the difference between the good and the “golden”. Obviously I just love to shoot so some of my shooting depends on light, distance, what’s in the background and lately, just a little, how much snow I have to trudge through.

On that note I did a lot of driving today. It was a coin toss day as I didn’t know which way to go half the time so I let the universe guide me and boy did she come through. Even though there was some distance between them, the shooting possibilities were awesome today. Including two yards full of old cars and trucks. One with pristine snow drifts to add some angles.

I have to apologize for the lac of new additions to the photos. I’m simply just having too much fun shooting. Financially I have to slow down a little so there may be a day in a library in my near future so I’ll get some edits done and some shots up then.

Ending today in Meadow Lake Saskatchewan, may slip into Alberta tomorrow and work my way across and down. I have a bunch of people in Calgary I’m going to try to touch base with so may be there a few days. I nice break before my last leg home.

Eldon Schoolhouse

Eldon Schoolhouse

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