Across Canada 2009-2010 The Road

Day 113 – Foggy Start, Spectacular Finish!

So I started the day leaving Vermillion in dense, thick fog. I’d like to say it was more like potato soup. On top of the bright white, zero visibility driving conditions I also had myself a serious headache for some reason. So I drove between South and West most of the morning, not getting anything for shots except for a few of some trees covered in the frost. Around 12:30 pm I crested a hill and the sun was stronger than the fog and I was in the clear the rest of the day. I found a couple abandoned homesteads and got some interesting shots both outside and indoors of these old buildings. Found another calendar hanging on a wall in one of them, this time it was from 1982. The other house I had to share my time with the resident pigeons, who strangely calmed down a lot as I talked to them.

As I made my way I spotted another house up on a hill, far from the road. I turned around looking for a possible driveway but didn’t see anything. Then I went down the nearest Range road to see if perhaps the entrance to the property was around the back. As I turned down the side road I saw seven deer springing across the road. Out of the corner of my eye I spotted a clearing. In the clearing hanging out in the clean white snow was four moose. Now I’m not a moose expert but it looked like a double date to me.

I hopped the fence and slowly walked towards them. Obviously I wasn’t about to approach them but I had a whole field between me and them. I walked along the fence line and made my way to get a slightly better shot. They slowly walked away from me across the field but I managed to get close enough to get some decent shots. Between shooting I just watched in awe at these beautifully huge beasts. I’ve crossed this country and haven’t seen a moose until today and the wait was well worth it.



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